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Can anyone help ?  I have a pair of STEINER MILITARY/MARINE BINOCULARS with built in compass and range finder. They are water proof,shock proof and have rubber armour. Ive had theses for about 18 years. The compass housing is round with a light intensifiyer on top. They are in great condition but i have noticed a build up of dust like particals on the inside of the lenses. im just about to have them serviced but do wonder if the price will out way what the binoculars are worth !!!  Any ideas ???  Ive looked on the internet but still cant find these exact binoculars. The closest ive found are the m-22 type without compass   HEEEELLLPPP !!!!!!!!!


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Hi Mark,
This is the kind of question that would be good to ask in a bigger forum.  You could go to and ask a question on the binoculars forum.  Here is a link
to that forum. 

I would personally judge a similar one to the one you have. Then I could see what the cost for that one is.  Then, consider the estimate that you find from your technician.   Then you have a plan for Go/no Go.   I would personally consider about a $300 dollar replacement.  Then I would consider if I would pay 150 to what, 200? for the service of cleaning and then re-assembly, possibly collimation.   This might be for 1st rate, fully credentialed Optical technician, such as Cory Suddarth in Tulsa Ok,  Bill Cook Seattle WA(too busy),  or another such as Baker Marine in San Diego, Ca.   Only you would know  how much you value these binoculars.  You might find a careful individual who has made a practice of doing his best on binoculars.  Then they might charge a 100 or less. 

By posting this question to others, you can judge how reasonable my guess in my prediction....
Is this helpful?

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Hi Mark,

Does the small amount of dust on the inside affect your view through the binoculars? If not, you might want to use them as-is and buy a new pair in a size and magnification that would complement them.

While the big Steiners and other $1000+ binoculars used to enormously outperform less expensive models, things have changed a lot in the last 18 years. Oberwerk binoculars, in particular, are true giant-killers, providing 98% of the performance for a third of the price (or even less).

The Oberwerks I own compare very favorably to my Leicas.

Best wishes,

Mark H.


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Contact Vegaoptics in Germany

Some time back I got my Steiner Fernglas  repaired there.

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Hi, I can only speak for cleaning with regard to a pair of WW1 Zeiss binoculars. I had these done in Australia about 6 months ago, and the cost was $250. That equates to about the price these binoculars fetch on Ebay, but of course mine are sparkling. They have sentimental value - having been my wife's grandfather's on the Western front. They had "dusty particles'' inside and the view through one lens was yellowing.
The hardest part was finding a specialist to do the job - I went through York Optical in Sydney and I'm ecstatic at the result. They also expressed the view the binocs were in great shape because they realised in conversation that I never stored them with dustcaps on - apparently having caps on is the best environment for deterioration. (I take them out of the carry  case and lay them on a dark shelf in my wardobe.)

I am interested to see your Steiners are 18 years old. I am having a disappointing time with a pair of Steiner Commanders with Compass 7 x 50s. They were almost $2000 last November. I think the 30-year guarantee is going to prove necessary. The compass jammed, so that had to be replaced. Which they did, and the new one is beautiful. Then I was showing a Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol colleague they were waterproof and would float. Well, they weren't waterproof but they did float. They are back with Steiner at the moment. As well, the eyecups are forever being bushed off as I move around and one  cliplock mechanism of the floating strap broke the first time I removed the strap.

I don't think I am rough with them at all - I simply use them often at sea on deck on a 42 foot steel boat.

Fantastic optics tho. But I am thinking think I will retire the Commanders to land use. I can't afford to have binoculars with me on the water that I have little faith in lasting the voyage..


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I think getting those repaired will be at a much lower cost than the new ones. Then again, the price drop for those binoculars over 18 years will make up for the difference.

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